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Development History

Korea Plastic Ban In April this year, the South Korean government announced the Comprehensive Countermeasures for Garbage Recycling Management, which will reduce the use of disposable cups and plastic bags by 35% by 2022 and reduce plastic waste by half by 2

Canada Plastic Ban In May, the Vancouver City Council voted to pass the Zero Waste 2040 Strategy. From June 1, 2019, local businesses were prohibited from distributing disposable plastic straws, foam cups, and packed lunch boxes to customers. Vancouver has th

Australia Plastic Ban Australia Since July 1, retailers in Queensland and Western Australia have been banned from offering disposable ultra-thin plastic bags to customers. Since then, only New South Wales has not imposed a plastic ban in eight districts of Austr

France Plastic Ban France On July 12, the European Times of France reported that the Paris City Council recently voted to adopt a resolution stipulating that from September, major municipal public institutions such as schools, nursing homes, stadiums and muse

Chile Plastic Ban Chile On August 3, Chile formally promulgated the "Plastic Ban Law", which prohibits all supermarkets and shops throughout the country from supplying plastic bags to customers. Chile became the first country in Latin America to ban all busi

New Zealand Plastic Ban New Zealand On August 10, the New Zealand government announced that it would gradually ban all disposable plastic shopping bags next year. Retailers have been phasing out light plastic bags for at least six months. According to the

European Plastic Ban Europe On October 24, the European Parliament voted to ban the use of disposable plastics in order to curb the increasing pollution of plastic waste to the marine and ecological environment. According to the proposal, the EU will ban the p

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